Sunday, December 19, 2010

No offence just expression

I just dont know what I'm missing. But I really am missing something or someone or ugh* I don't know. Have you had this sort of feelings that you felt like screaming but you can't. I know I really miss you, Abg, but there's more. Not just you, I miss my friends and :) yeah my school. grinned* What the heck people say 'boarding school' is so kampung, it's my school, MINE. I have the right to miss it, I have the right to be proud of it. Just go screw yourself. No offence, not pointing this to anybody. But if someone felt a little certain something, I repeat NO OFFENCE, just blogging here.

Yeah, I finally figured it out. I miss my school, I miss that kampung boarding school, Damn right, I am proud to say that out loud*
God, I never thought I would miss my friends so much. Why are we so far apart, well, not that far kan, but still we hardly hang out/see each other. I really miss every moment that we had together back in the old days, oh, now I wish I could go back in time and be with you guys. Sigh*.

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