Wednesday, December 22, 2010

im touched.honestly

and today i received an sms from a friend.
perhaps after today,i shall call him,a dear friend.
i never thought that i would receive that kind of sms.
im honestly touched. very touched.
his words just go deep into my heart.
cos it seems so sincere and true.
and its the perfect timing indeed, in which
i need that kind of care and concern.
i cant say anything else except for thanks.
cos i also dont know why i cant say out
anything else. Allah knows i guess.
which i myself dont know.
but i thank Allah for giving me such a friend.

" i cnt keep my mind from thinking about it for e whole night...i wanna do smthing to help but idk wat to do...haiss.. " -him
" just wanna there for u...wtv here.." -him