Saturday, December 18, 2010

At the back of my head

Oh I remembered those days, they are still clear in my thoughts and will always be. Your smile, oh yes the way you laugh, it just ticks me everytime I think about you. You mean the world to me eventhough you might be crazy. HAHA. It's funny how I always thought we were so different, but what the heck, opposites attract :)

saje blurkan pic nyh sbb abg sy suke nmpkkn gigi dye hehehe..

From this onwards, I don't care, I don't care what people say, I just want to be with you. Abg, I'm still counting the days untill you come back so that I can run to you and hug you tightly, I'll never let go.
Oh I wish you'd knew how much I miss you that I cry every night thinking about you. I remembered the time that I didn't cry because I miss you, I cried because I didn't cry that I miss you, HAHA, a little confused over there. Well technically, I did cry. It's funny that I'm crying too while writing this blog. Abg, I miss you.

One thing that I miss the most is when all of a sudden you called me,
and when I look at you, you stared me in the eyes
and said 'I Miss U', and then you smiled :')
It's killing me to see you go after all this time, I just don't know what to be without you around,Abg. But pfft abg, don't worry,
You're the only thing I know at the back of my head. Just you :')
p/s : look like we all fall in love right? but nopelah..only abg n adq angkt jerkk hehhee...


  1. abg and adek angkat jerkk? :P
    Jgn dclare mcm tu. nanti terangkat jd lain wey.
    who knows kan? Itu sume keje Allah. hihi

    aku pun ada abg, tp xpenah pun dclare angkat2 ni. takut jd lain kang. hahahaha!

  2. ngok auww...
    ala don't worry abg n adq je..
    syg ngn dye tak lbh pun dr tu...
    lgpun dah 8thn beb..lame dah..
    mne tak syg..(T_T)
    huhuh..ko jgn en.malik ko uh nak letak mne?? hehhee